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    True Software Scandinavia AB
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    Premium Gold
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    May 25, 2020 at 2:31 am
MOD Info?

[MOD Premium]

  • Premium Gold features unlocked;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.

[MOD Lite]

  • Based on Premium version;
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (31.9 MB total apk size);
  • Location Maps works;
  • Drive backup works;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • Support for arm devices only;
  • No forced shortcuts;
  • Languages: En, Ru.

Are you tired of receiving spam messages and advertising calls all day? Not only ads but even some are scams. You have a headache because of how to think? You tried to block those numbers but then another number called. The advertising system through phone numbers is so powerful that it is difficult for users to prevent it.

You don’t need to worry anymore because Truecaller is now available to help you. It is the world’s leading app for blocking spam messages and calls. Get the trust of more than 250 million users worldwide. This app promises to bring you great experiences in calling and texting; released by publisher True Software Scandinavia AB – a Swedish software developer. The application will support well in information security and prevent spam calls. So why not immediately download Truecaller to have great chatting moments without worrying about security and privacy. All will be thoroughly prevented by the application to bring the best experience on mobile.


Because Truecaller is considered the leading call support application in the world, let’s find out what it provides

Smart Messaging

In addition to making phone calls, the app also supports texting. All are completely free. Thanks to the link between users together. You can enjoy texting with friends and relatives easily and absolutely no cost whatsoever. All you need is to download immediately “Truecaller” on your phone and the network connection is done. You can message with anyone in your family as well as friends. Not only send messages but also share photos and videos.

Powerful Dialer

The application has the ability to identify the caller IDs of strangers for you so you can know who the caller is to help prevent fraud. This is the best Caller ID recognition application in the world so you will be surprised at what it brings. Users can identify unknown phone numbers in call history. This is one of the unique features that few similar applications are capable of. In addition, the application also allows you to record important calls such as business … The recordings will be stored entirely in the smartphone memory so we can listen again when needed. This will help you a lot of things in life, if there is too much work assigned by the boss without taking notes, this is plan B.


You worry because if you accidentally delete the data will be lost and can not be found? Now you do not need to worry anymore because, with this application, you can back up data to your Google Drive. This will be a great help for finding lost data. Moreover, if you want to back up your important things in many places in case of risk, it also allows it.

Block Calls & Messages

How often do you receive calls or SMS messages from the operator? Important times suddenly the phone rings and you think it is something important. But no, it’s a text message or calls center ad sent to you. With the automatic blocking of calls and text messages, you will no longer be bothered by this. The system of the application will block these annoying messages. This is the feature that makes the brand of the application. This feature has brought a large number of customers to manufacturers. This feature can work automatically or manually, the system will automatically block calls or messages that are considered to be advertising. Or users can do this by setting the phone numbers you want to block. Once blocked, calls made by that number will not reach your device. This helps to cut down any annoyance and feels safe and comfortable for users.

Share Location

Users can also share their location with each other. This is useful when you don’t know each other’s exact addresses.


You can spend a small fee to unlock the Premium feature to enhance your experience. With Premium, you can have some offers like:

Call recording

this function is different from the aforementioned recording feature will produce more quality sound. Know who has viewed your profile recently. Anonymously, you can view other people’s profiles that no one knows you have seen. Remove the ads attached in the application to maintain their revenue. You can enjoy an application with absolutely no ads.


When you make a call on the app, your name will be accompanied by a dedicated premium badge with a Premium account. More, you can request to know the phone numbers of 30 different people and other information. In addition, the system will automatically update the previous spam phone numbers for Premium owner accounts. All experiences are worthwhile, you will not regret buying Premium.

INTERFACE – Attract user eyes with simplicity and ease of use

Designed in a youthful style with 2 main colors white and blue. The blue parts will be made to coincide with the status bar. This creates an eye-catching unity. The application is divided into 4 tabs. The first tab will be the Message tab, this tab will be divided into 3 sections. The first section is Personal, this section will display the messages you have recently texted or received by the phone numbers in your contacts or are frequently contacted. The second one will be Other, this section will display messages of strange numbers sent. The last will be SPAM, this section shows spam messages from the operator or other numbers. The next tab will be the Contacts tab, which will display the phone numbers you have saved on your phone. The next tab will be the Call tab, which will display your recent call history.

The next tab will be the Block tab, which will block strange numbers from calling or sending spam messages. The application has blocked more than 400 phone numbers for alleged spam calls. The app will update continuously for new numbers that are reported to be detrimental to the user experience. If an unknown number invokes spam into your computer, you can also report this number to Truecaller so that they block that number and store the bad history in your total memory as well. The last tab is Premium, where you can buy Premium there. There is also a search bar, which is useful when you want to find someone without a phone number. When someone also installs the app, you can search for that person’s name on the app to find that person’s contact phone number.

Download Truecaller now for great and quality chatting. No more worrying about being bothered by spam messages and calls. Enjoy texting for free with miniature social network Truecaller. All only at our app. Download now to experience all the unique features of the application right now.

All link download for Truecaller
Download Truecaller
V11.8.7 (MOD Premium)
Download Truecaller
V11.5.7 (MOD Premium)
Download Truecaller
V11.4.6 (MOD Premium)
Download Truecaller
V11.8.7 (MOD Premium/Lite)

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