Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Money/VIP)

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    Naxeex LLC
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    February 25, 2020 at 4:13 pm
MOD Info?
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamond
  • Unlimited talent score
  • 5th level VIP

When it comes to the role-playing game of the underground world, perhaps the first thing people think about is the GTA series released by Rockstar Games. With the great features that GTA brings, it becomes popular all over the world and is always loved by players. Understanding this, Naxeex LLC has exploited the most interesting to develop their game: Vegas Crime Simulator. Success has smiled at those who know how to seize the opportunity. Just a short time after the game was released, it had millions of downloads and many players said they really liked this game. Up to now, the Vegas Crime Simulator has over 100 million downloads and is a symbol of Naxeex LLC success.

Vegas Crime Simulator and GTA?

With the images that we provide, you may well see that the context of this game has similarities with GTA, isn’t it? Yes, the context in the Vegas Crime Simulator is also built-in Vegas crime city, where Mafia gangs are very active. However, the story will not revolve around the guy Tommy Vercetti – a mafia just released from prison, trying to become an honest person. You will play a villain, trying to build your own gang and take control of the city.


The difference in the gameplay of Vegas Crime Simulator and GTA does not seem too much different. Right from the start of the game, the player will meet the familiar image of a guy wearing a pair of jeans and a blue floral T-shirt, with a street scene of Vegas crowded. Players Will control characters, fight freely, take action scenes, plunder and destroy anything.

As I said above, this game exploits the most interesting features of GTA, what players can do in GTA can be done in this game. Moreover, players will not need to play with the plot and perform complicated tasks. Players can play freely, aggression with anyone, steal cars and rebel around the city of Vegas.

Begin to disrupt Vegas with murderous weapons

In the process, you rebel and cause trouble everywhere. You may encounter obstacles such as police or brutal gangsters. They will use guns to attack and try to kill you. Therefore, you need to search for your guns to defend. In the shop feature, you will find very rifles, pistols, submachine guns and more. However, if you feel that this gun system is not enough to satisfy your destruction, look for a tank. With this armored monster, you can slaughter anything in sight. Fire on cars on the road, destroy houses, attack police stations, and residential areas. According to some feelings from the players, tanks are not only the weapon with the most powerful firepower in the game, but it is also the most useful defense system. If the enemy wants to kill you, they must use a weapon capable of penetrating through thick steel.

Crime level

Similar to GTA, when you take actions that disrupt security or violate the law, your crime level will increase. In the upper left corner, you will see the extent of your crime manifested by the stars. The more stars you have, the greater your level of crime and you will be wanted by the police or even the military.


If you want to be more disruptive, use in-game vehicles instead of running. But, where can you get the car? Remember GTA and any looting scenes! You can rob any car you want, even though then you will be guilty and the police interfering. However, play with them, drive a few rounds of the city for them to chase or even create a car race, including you and the involvement of police officers. Just listening to it feels excited, right? But the fun is still not over because this game also has helicopters. You can fly into the air and perform city raids from above by firing at areas of crowded people, even dropping bombs to increase the level of destruction. A little bit like a terrorist, but the truth is that!


Clearly, Naxeex has re-created GTA right in its game by 3D graphics and realistic designs. Although the game’s graphics are applied with many post-processing image processing technologies and heavy motion processing technology, it has been optimized to ensure the game works well on the mobile platform. To be able to experience this game smoothly, you only need a device with a normal configuration and using the Android operating system from 4.1+

All link download for Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Money/VIP)
Download Vegas Crime Simulator
V3.9.190 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Diamond/Score/VIP)

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