War Machines

"Online Tanks Shooting World"
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    February 14, 2020 at 11:15 pm
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  • Enemies are always visible on the map.

From the Stone Age until now, there has been no time without conflicts. The Stone Age conflicts between tribes to gain food and territory. As people became more and more developed, large armed conflicts took place or wars between States. In human history, there are two world-class wars: World War I and World War II. These are the two wars that affect them on a global scale, every country whether participating or not is affected by the fire. During the war, there was a medium of combat that could attack and defend at the same time. Called the “God of War” of the arena, it was a tank. In a war, it is indispensable to lack tanks, the most comprehensive means of battle. If you are a fan of these armored vehicles, download War Machines to join the battle of tank battles. Produced by Fun Games For Free, the name sounds good enough to know the games of the manufacturer are free. They had many famous games like Block Craft 3D, Castle Crush … This game is also a free game for players. The game belongs to the genre of extremely unique and interesting shooting strategy, who can experience the feeling of fighting in a full tank.


War Machines has very simple gameplay, but to win, it takes a bit of tactical thinking. Coming to the game, you will become a driver of a tank battle car on the fierce battlefield. You have a mission to destroy all the enemies around to win yourself. To be able to control their tank, players can use the navigation keys designed on the left of the play screen. Players can drag the right part of the screen to control the gun barrel to rotate in the drag direction. The barrel can be rotated 360 degrees and when the player rotates the barrel, the camera of the game will rotate so that the player can easily observe and aim.

To be able to reconcile, use the shot button with the icon of the bullet in the right corner of the screen. Aim carefully to make sure the bullet will hit the target. Do not stand still in a position that moves a lot to avoid the bullets fired by the enemy. At the bottom of the screen will be a notification bar for the amount of HP of your tank, when HP drops to 0, you lose. Every time there will be a supply item, these items will have many effects in the game such as HP recovery, increased damage, reload speed … You will be added some points. accumulated when destroying opponents. When your tank explodes, you will be revived and continue the game. At the end of the match, the player with the highest score wins. Take control of your tanks and sweep through all fronts and win.


The game has 2 game modes: Single and Team play, both modes have advantages and disadvantages quite differently. In Single-player mode, the player is alone so the risk will be increased many times, but in return, you will not need to care about anyone. You only need to know how to fight, so in Single-player mode, players will get a better experience. In Team mode, if you are unsure of your skills then invite more friends to be able to support each other more in battle.


War Machines will bring players dozens of great features to ensure that the experience that players have is the best.
Match Time: A match in the game, regardless of any of the two modes mentioned above, takes place within a mere 3 minutes. But within those 3 minutes, you will feel all that is the most quintessential of the game has. The fire of war, the thrill of not knowing if you are a hunter or the prey of others.
War Tanks: In the game, there is a system of tanks that have entered the legend of history during the war. You will be the one to make a choice for your tank between 2 common types. The first is light tanks for easy movement between battlefields, avoiding enemy attacks. Or choose heavy tanks, which have slow movement speed but have enough firepower to blow away enemies in just 1-2 shots. Please choose for yourself the right tank for your tactics to easily win.

Upgrades & Customization Exterior: Your tanks can also be upgraded to become much stronger during the battle. Things that can be upgraded like speed, firepower, reload speed … If you upgrade high enough, heavy tanks will have the same fast movement speed as light tanks, and heavy tanks will get powerful firepower of heavy tanks. In addition to upgrading the system of the tank to serve for fighting, you can also customize the vehicle’s appearance so that the real personality. To do both things, you must have gold. Gold coins will drop when you shoot down the opponent or become the best and receive the reward of the game. There are many ways to get gold, but the two are the most common and easy to do.
Battlefield Diversity: The battlefields where fierce battles will take place will be famous real battlefields dating back to World War II. European cities were ravaged by war, all that remained was dust and rubble. The true nature of war is like.


War Machines has a 3D graphics format, thanks to this graphics style, it makes players feel more about the authenticity of the game. The scene in the game is also done in a very honest way, players will feel like driving their tank on a real land and participating in a real battle. The tanks in the game are also designed very real, true to detail. Like reviving a glorious time when it was still involved in real war.


The game’s effects are made meticulously by the game’s creative team, moving effects, shadow effects, fire effects … all made extremely rich. The sound is also the highlight of the game, the sound of bullets and tanks moving on the battlefield are very lively and true. So do you want to own a tank right against powerful Empire nations like the US, China, Japan … or not? Download now “War Machines” to participate in the bloody battle right now.

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V4.30.1 (MOD, Radar)

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