Yandex Music

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    Plus Subscription Unlocked
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    Varies with device
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    August 1, 2020 at 3:31 am
MOD Info?

● Languages: RU, EN, UA
● Platforms: arm7, arm64
● Plus Subscription activated
● Signature verification removed
● Blocked window about modified Yandex applications
● Cross check removed
● Login restored through VK and FB if official clients are installed
● The application is untied from Google services
● Root check disabled
● Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format

Besides downloading songs and playing them in the music applications available on your device, many users can also download and set up unique online music applications. With the online music application, users only need to search for songs and enjoy them anywhere. In addition, online music applications now also set up the ability to listen to music offline, making relaxing with music easier.

Among the most popular and well-rated online music applications available today, Yandex Music and Podcasts are the most stable. Since its release on the online store, it has had more than 10 million downloads and is rated 4.5 / 5. Referring to this app, people should not ignore its salient features such as owning millions of different songs and being able to search one easily, able to update popular songs and new albums quickly, providing songs with good sound quality. You get recommendations for new songs and personal tastes (based on the music styles or songs you’ve heard before). You can also create your own favorite playlists and share them with friends or other online users. In particular, the manufacturer also built for this application the ability to identify different songs. To activate this compelling feature, users only have to use another device to play music and use the application to record the melody of the song. From there, the application will quickly analyze the tone and give appropriate answers for everyone to check.

In terms of features, Yandex is designed with many unique features. Each feature will bring unique music experiences to everyone. For example, the directory of different types of music styles (R&B, Pop, Jazz, etc.) makes it easy for users to find songs that suit their needs. In addition, the ability to recommend songs that match popular events of the year is also prepared by the manufacturer for the application. With the above feature, people will quickly find suitable songs for events held with family, lovers or friends.

However, this application also has some limitations like other applications with the same functionality. It integrates various advertisements and users will have to pay to remove the ads.

All link download for Yandex Music
Download Yandex Music
V2020.08.1 (Plus Subscription Unlocked)
Download Yandex Music
V2020.07.1 (Plus Subscription Unlocked)


If someone suddenly login to Yandex Music did not work – put this file. And blame your provider / device for blocking access to the built-in proxy

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